The majority of cars these days have diesel engines. More and more it is being annoyance that manufacturers are shelving future research into the diesel engine, due to the high demand on lower emissions. (…/volvo-to-ditch-diesel-vms-boss-…/…)

It is sad to say, as much as it can be cheaper to run a diesel due the excellent miles per gallon, the cost of servicing and repairs can be quite high. Filters and parts are easily three times as much as they are for a petrol engine. And a lot of faults are because people are buying diesel’s and driving them around town, where they are not able to perform DPF regenerations or get hot enough to unclog themselves. After building up a certain amount of carbon in the system, you will start to feel and see problems with the vehicle. Whether it be a lack of power or starting issues.

Through ARC 4wd Dyno and Tuning Centre, we will be able to perform an engine clean on your petrol or diesel vehicles. A sort of spa for your engine, which will clean the carbon deposits from the engine, giving you back the performance your vehicle lacks. If you would like more information on this, please call 01452 886620 or 01452 729498.