It’s a very good question to ask yourself as a vehicle owner. As much as it is important all year round to make sure your vehicle is safe to drive, the winter months can put an extreme strain on your vehicle just like it can in the really hot summer months. A lot of people simply get their MOT and may get it service at the same time, but that could be months before the harsh cold weather of winter. Many things over the course of the months could change or wear in our vehicle. So it is important to have that quick check over, even if it is just to give you peace of mind.

All of us have been there at some point, sat in a queue of traffic and then have gotten to the front to see a vehicle at the side of the road and family stood huddled together. It’s the one thing we say to ourselves won’t be us, but it could be…

It doesn’t take long for us at ARC MOT to check round your vehicle for you. The checks are not complicated, but if they are not done correctly, could lead to you being stranded at the side of the road. The checks consist of checking the tread and pressures of tyres. We’ll also check all the levels in the engine bay for you, especially that of your coolant because if it is not the right consistency and it gets cold enough, your engine coolant could freeze and could lead to engine failure if driven in this state. The battery will also be tested as the cold can affect the cells inside your battery and could lead to lose it charge, which would then prevent you from starting your vehicle. An inspection of your vehicle will be carried out, making sure all your lights are working correctly and your wipers are able to clear your windscreen as well.

This service does not take long and could be something we could do for you while you waited or during your lunch break, and hopefully prevent you from being the one left at the side of the road on a cold night.