For a year or so, the government has been toying with whether to extend the period that a car will come in for its first MOT. They were thinking they would move it from 3 years to 4 years. With the standard that cars are being built now, compared to say 20 years ago, this in some ways would make sense. But with the amount of vehicles on the road compared to then, and how households can have a minimum of two to three cars, this would be the wrong thing to do.
Sadly, a lot of people, due to different circumstances, are not servicing their vehicles as often as they should, especially brand new cars. The notion that nothing could be wrong with it or nothing is needed for a long time, are thoughts a lot of people have about their cars. Depending on mileage and how the vehicle is driven, this could be true for a lot of people. However, there are those people that can do 10,000 miles in three months, either because of work or other reasons. Because of this mileage, wear and tear items can be worn well before the three year mark for MOT.
For example, a car in for its first MOT may only fail on a bulb, or a wiper, but it could also fail on tyres, brake pads, anti roll bar drop links, possibly even shock absorbers. Some of these things could have been picked up, if they had been regularly serviced.
The same goes for older vehicles, if serviced regularly enough, a lot of faults found during MOT could have been addressed sooner and possibly save the customer money. Which, we can also do at MOT time, as we do a discounted rate for an MOT when having a Full Service at the same time.
Saving the customer money, is our main priority.
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