With the beginning of September next week, means a lot of people are either going to be looking at the new car deals or will be coming up for their first MOT. Those three years have gone by quickly and will also mark, for a lot of people, the end of their warranty period with their vehicle’s manufacturer. It is very daunting for some people when it comes time for a vehicle’s first MOT. Mostly it’s not knowing what paperwork they should bring or whether they have to do something prior to bringing it in for test. For a start, let me tell you that all you ever need to bringing, whether its your first or tenth, is just the car and the key that goes with the car: simple. We’ll take care of the rest for you, which is just enter the car details into the DVSA and MOT the vehicle.

The next worry is whether or not it is going to pass it’s MOT. As long as a vehicle has been maintained for the three years prior, or even in general for older vehicles, they normally go through the test with possibly minor fails: bulb, wiper blade or sat nav stuck to the windscreen. These are things that we can easily take care of whilst the vehicle is in for test. A lot of people tend to organise their MOT and service for the same time, which also allows us to tie a lot of repairs in with the service and save the customer money by not having to charge the full time for doing certain jobs. No matter whether you’re having a service or not, we will do our upmost to make sure you’re save for the road and try and keep the repair costs to a minimum for you.

Now a lot of people will be wary about using an independent after using a dealer for so long, but they have nothing to worry about at ARC MOT. We have a high standard of service and go over every car thoroughly. If the customer is inclined, we can also get the dealer’s service kit and parts, or even use the parts our customer’s supply us if they want to uprate their filters or use a certain make. There are so many options but it is the customer’s decision on how we service their vehicle. If you’re not sure how you would like you service or what sort of service you want/vehicle needs, then give us a call and we can advise you as best as we can on what service suits you best.