It is starting to get to that time of year where we see a lot of vehicles needing batteries. With the morning already starting to feel a bit nippy, and the weather conditions starting to turn, your battery on your vehicle is starting to work that little bit harder to get your vehicle started in the morning or any time during the day. If your vehicle’s battery is old, then it is likely to suffer with the cold weather as it is already weakened. What the cold weather does, is reduces the strength of the charge in your vehicle’s battery. Before the cold months settle in, it would be advisable to get the health of your battery checked over before you are left stranded at home, or at work, unable to get anywhere. No one wants to break down, but especially not during the winter months as it can be very dangerous. It is advised during the winter months to keep a ‘winter survival kit’ in the boot of your car, consisting of things like blankets, warm clothing, a breakdown kit, de-icer and scraper, first aid kit, food and drink (warm thermos might be nice), empty fuel can and very important these days, a phone charger.

The health of your battery is very important, especially in newer cars as voltages of system have a knock on effect to other systems in the vehicle.

At ARC MOT, we can test your car battery for you in a matter of minutes and can give you the diagnosis there and then. If we think your battery may not last through the winter months or your vehicle’s battery has failed the test, we will advise you of this and quote you for a new battery. We also could check over your vehicle for the winter months for £25+VAT. This check over includes a battery test, checking the levels (coolant, engine oil, washer fluid, power steering fluid). tyre pressure check and tyre condition, and general inspection of your vehicle. During the check over, if we happen to notice something that may affect your motoring over the winter months, we will point it out to you and provide you with an estimation for repairs.

Please be safe during the winter months. £25+VAT is not a lot of money to make sure your prepared for the cold weather.