Car Air Conditioning

We have invested in the latest Air Con equipment to give a full service capability for all vehicles. We have trained and certified Auto Technicians who are well versed in Air Conditioning and Air Con Repairs.

The Air Conditioning Service consists of:
Removal of Old Gas from the Vehicle
Checking Vehicle holds pressure (Vacuum Check/Oxygen Test)
Refill Vehicle with Fresh Gas

If you find your vehicle loses its coldness after a short amount of time, you may find your system has a small leak. We are able to inject a dye into the system that will show up under UV light to help trace the leak. This makes diagnosing the leak quicker.

We are also able to do a Nitrogen test on your Aircon system. By filling the system with Nitrogen gas, we are able to expand the pipework of the system and make small or leaks apparent under pressure. Some leaks can be found during a Vacuum check, but due to the Vacuum sucking the atmosphere out of the system, it can sometimes squeeze down the rubber pipework of the Aircon system and hide the faults. Hence, filling the system with Nitrogen, which isn’t harmful to the atmosphere, we can possibly hear the gas escaping and locate it.

Our Qualified Techicians are able diagnose faults with your Aircon System. As previously stated, if you believe there is a leak to your system, we recommend Regassing the system and injecting dye in with the gas. This dye is only visible by UV light and glows green under the light. If you feel that the car has lost the coldness in the Aircon system, or you just want us to check it again, we can check over the Aircon system with the UV light whilst you wait. The dye will mark areas from which it has leaked or sprayed onto, giving us an indication of where the leak may be coming from. The common point of a leak on an Aircon system is from the Condenser that sits at the front of the vehicle with the radiator. Being in this area of the car, they are prone to being hit by debris from the road.

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