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At ARC MOT our main priority is to give our customers value for money and portray this through our competitive pricing. The work undertaken on your vehicle will be of a high standard. Our small friendly team will always take the time to explain exactly what the situation is and the work that needs to be undertaken. We want to develop a long term service relationship with our customers in order to take the worry and hassle out of looking after their vehicle. An individual costing is done for each vehicle and is never a generic quote, making sure our customers only pay what they need to pay.

Full Service – All Filters and Oil change (sparks plugs as well for a Petrol), wheels are removed and inspection of brakes (including drum brakes), check over of Tyres and Pressures, Lights check, Hinges are greased and a general inspection of engine bay and the underneath of a vehicle, and a top up of all fluid levels.

Small Service – An Oil and Filter change (and certain filters, if specified by customer), visual inspection of the brakes, check over of Tyres and Pressures, Lights check, Hinges are greased and a general inspection of engine bay and the underneath of a vehicle, and a top up of all fluid levels.

Oil Change – Standard Oil and Filter change.

Why is Servicing your car important?
Servicing your vehicle is very important as it prolongs the life of your vehicle. A service consists of changing the engine oil and filters, but also includes checks of the suspension, steering, tyres, exhaust system and other wear and tear items. Changing the filters and oil is the most important part of a service, as these items if not changed can cause the engine to run rough or have a lack of power, and can lead to costly bills in the future. With a service, it gives the owner peace of mind as their vehicle has been checked over by a Qualified Technician.

Does it really save money?
It does save money! By doing these checks during a service, we are able to spot items that may cause future faults. For example, a split constant velocity boot would not be much on its own, but it would allow the grease from the constant velocity joint to escape and dirt to get into the joint and damage it, leading to replacement of the joint, or even the drive shaft, instead of just a boot. Also, it would be an MOT failure.

Spotting faults before they can become costly problems for our customers is very important to us.

How often should you Service your vehicle?
Generally all makes have their own standard servicing schedule, which you would find in your owner’s manual or your vehicle might indicator on an information display when it requires servicing. Some manufacturer’s recommend a certain mileage or a time to elapse. For ease for the customer, it may be simpler to have a Full Service one year and then the following year to have a Oil Change or a Small Service, depending on budget. The more regular you service your vehicle, the longer the life it will have.

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Spa for your Car
(Hydro Flow Cleaning)

– No Chemicals Used
– Improves Engine Efficiency
– Cleaner Emissions
– Increases the Performance
– Decarbonises the Engine
– Rejuvenates the Car
– Can Assist in Passing MOT
– Suitable for Petrol or Diesel Cars

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